Company profile overview

Company profiles on Ethos help you assess a company's impact on the causes you care about. Profiles include: 

1. Scorecard

Overview of a company's impact, including: 

  • Overall score for a selected cause (defaults to a company's "Overall Impact" score across all causes)
  • Distribution of impact scores for causes on Ethos. Click on a cause to update the profile view to show details for that cause
  • Commentary on the company's impact
  • Impact flags, which indicate if the company is a tobacco company, weapons company, or oil company, and whether the company has received fines in the last 3 years related to customers, workers or the environment
  • Comparison to peers

2. Data

Detailed data for metrics used to rate the company. Select the "filter" icon near the top right to change the cause for which metrics are shown.

3. Brands

List of brands for the company. Generally only available for consumer-facing companies or companies with widely-known brands.

4. News

Recent news related to company impact or financial performance.

5. Financial

Last available end-of-day price for company stock, as well as financial performance of company stock over time.

6. About

Mission statement and basic information about the company, such as number of employees, date founded, stock symbol, industry, and description.

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