Take the Impact Assessment

Ethos offers a free Impact Assessment to help you find brands, companies and investments that align with the causes you care about. You can take the Impact Assessment with or without signing in to Ethos. To take it without signing in:

  1. Click on "Take a Free Assessment" from the Ethos home page
  2. Click on "Start my free assessment"
  3. Follow the on-screen steps

You'll pick the causes you care about and indicate how important each one is to you, from 1 (less important) to 7 (more important). We get that every cause is important; rating them from 1-7 helps make your Impact Persona (see below) and ratings more personalized to what you care the most about.

To take the Impact Assessment after signing in to Ethos:

  1. Click on your Impact Persona near the top left (e.g., "Climate and Education Champion")
  2. Click the "Retake assessment" button at bottom right
  3. Follow the on-screen steps

Ethos uses your input on the causes you care about to rate companies, stocks, funds, and any external accounts you have linked to Ethos (such as an investment account). Your personalized ratings take millions of individual data points about companies (e.g., GHG emissions), weight the data based on your input in your Impact Assessment, and put all ratings on a 0-100 scale. Learn more about our detailed ratings methodology here.

Explore the causes you can select in your Impact Assessment here.

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