Explore dashboard overview

When you log in to Ethos you'll go to an "Explore" dashboard. The dashboard includes:

  • My Impact: your Impact Persona and Impact Scale. Your Impact Persona is a summary of the causes that are most important to you, based on your input in your Impact Assessment. Your Impact Scale is the average score of your saved brands, companies and investments, using your personalized ratings algorithm from your Impact Assessment
  • Search: search 10,000+ brands, investments, and employers on Ethos. Find personalized impact information about a brand you're thinking about buying, a stock or fund you'd like to invest in, or an employer you're interested in
  • Recommended: your personalized recommendations. Ethos combines the results of your Impact Assessment with millions of data points to determine the highest-rated brands, investments and employers for the causes you care about
  • Saved: your saved brands, investments and employers. Click on a card to see details about the saved item

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