Link dashboard overview

This feature is currently in Beta. If you would like to participate in Beta testing it, please reach out to

After you log in to Ethos you can access your "Link" dashboard by clicking on the "Link" button in the top navigation bar. Your Link dashboard is an overview of your linked accounts on Ethos. Ethos lets you import data from 12,000+ banks, brokerages, and other institutions to see the impact of your money. Learn more about linking accounts here.

The Link dashboard includes:

  • My Impact: your Impact Persona and Impact Scale for your linked accounts. Your Impact Persona is a summary of the causes that are most important to you, based on your input in your Impact Assessment. Your Impact Scale is a weighted average score of your saved brands, companies and investments, using your personalized ratings algorithm from your Impact Assessment
  • Linked accounts: see details about your linked accounts, including value held and your personalized rating

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