Linked account impact calculation

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Impact scores for a linked account are a weighted average of the impact scores for all holdings within that account. 

In other words, in order to calculate a rating for a linked account we:

  1. Get impact scores for all stocks and funds in the linked account, using your personalized rating algorithm (based on your Impact Assessment)
  2. Get the weighted value of those holdings (e.g., if you hold $750 in stock A and $250 in stock B, stock A will have a weight of 0.75 and stock B will have a weight of 0.25)
  3. Multiply the impact score by weight for each holding
  4. Add the weighted scores to get an overall impact score for the account

Impact scores for companies, stocks and funds are calculated with millions of data points from credible third parties and publicly-available company data. You can read more in our detailed impact ratings methodology article.

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