Net worth calculation

Net worth is the sum of the balances of all your linked accounts on Ethos (learn more about linking accounts).

Balances data is pulled from your linked accounts through our secure connection with 12,000+ institutions. Ethos never sees or accesses any of your bank credentials or other sensitive data (learn more about data protection).

If the net worth total looks off compared to what you see in your bank accounts, it may be because: 

  • The data in your bank has not yet been pulled into Ethos; we update data 1x per day (usually around 2am Eastern Standard Time) and when you login, but there may occasionally be a lag between updates to your bank account and when the data is made available to Ethos
  • You may have a cash credit from unsettled activity in your linked account. When the cash settles Ethos will receive the updated data from your linked institution
  • Your holdings/securities data may be incorrect. To check this, look at the holdings on your "Link" dashboard. Verify the values reported match what you see in your accounts outside of Ethos. If the holdings information doesn't match the values that your financial institution reports, please contact support with the account name and the name/symbol of the incorrect holding

If the above does not explain the difference between your net worth balances on Ethos and what you see outside of Ethos, please contact Ethos support for assistance.

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