Net worth overview

After logging in to Ethos, you'll see "My portfolio" in the top navigation bar. Under "My portfolio" are links to find information about your accounts, holdings and held companies (representing data from all of the accounts you've linked to Ethos).

Within the views for your accounts, holdings and held companies, you'll find information about Net worthImpact, and Returns.

The Net worth view provides one place to view your net worth and balances. 

The net worth view includes two elements: 

Net worth chart

This chart shows balances for your accounts, holdings or held companies over time. It also shows, by default, net worth for your overall portfolio for comparison.

You can add/remove net worth data from the chart in two ways:

  • At the bottom of the chart you'll see buttons with pre-loaded data (usually your overall portfolio), which you can add/remove by clicking the buttons
  • In the table below the chart, you can add/remove data by checking/unchecking individual accounts, holdings or held companies

You can adjust the date range on the chart by selecting date options at bottom-right of the chart.

Net worth table 

Below the chart you'll see a table with a list of your accounts, holdings or held companies. As noted above, you can add/remove these from the chart by checking/unchecking the box at the left of each row. 

Each row contains:

  • Name of the account, holding or held company
  • Current balance

If you hover over a row for a holding or held company, you'll also see a link to take you to the impact profile for that company or fund.

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