Research company and fund impact

As an Advisor customer of Ethos, you have access to data and ratings based on 190+ curated metrics, such as governmental fines, greenhouse gas emissions, percentage of women on the board of directors, and quality of human rights policies.

To research company or fund impact, select "Research" from the top navigation bar when you're logged in to your account. Then select "Companies," "Funds," or "Causes."

For "Companies," you'll see a table of all companies that have ratings on Ethos, and options to filter companies:

Research companies

You have several options with the filters on the left:

  • Compare: search for and select specific companies to compare. Search for a company by name or stock ticker
  • Sort: sort and see company data by a cause (any of the 45 causes on Ethos), metric (any of the ~190 metrics on Ethos), or client Impact Assessment. If you sort by a client Impact Assessment, companies will be rated using the client's weighted-average ratings (based on the client's input in their Impact Assessment)
  • Screen: screen out fossil fuel, tobacco, gambling, or other types of stocks
  • Filter: filter companies by a variety of criteria, such as sector, market cap or geography

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