What you need to get started

Our only requirement is that you are 18 or older. Most of our content is US-focused, but individuals from outside of the US are free to join. 

To get started:

  1. Visit our sign-up page and enter your email address and phone number (we require this for two-factor authentication because it significantly increases the security of your data), and create a unique password
  2. You'll be taken to a page with our 45 impact areas. Select the impact issues you care about, which we'll use to create custom ratings for you of companies, stocks, funds, and your portfolio. Learn more about this step here
  3. Link your accounts from any of our 12,000+ connected institutions (learn more). Link any account with a balance (e.g., savings, checking, credit, investment, loan) to start tracking your net worth. Link any account with a stock or fund holding (e.g., an investment account) to start tracking your impact on the issues you selected in step 2

If you have any trouble getting started, please contact us for support!

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