The problem
Productive, safe employment improves lives and drives economic growth, but millions lack the opportunity or means to find such employment. Informal employment is pervasive around the globe, often with poor safety conditions and no provision for healthcare. Young people are particularly affected, with one fifth of the world's population not in education, employment or training. Corporations play a central role in creating decent work opportunities, including through the absolute number of jobs created, how well they foster a safe workplace for all employees, by paying a fair wage to all employees, and engaging with supply chain partners on ensuring safe and fair workplace practices
How companies are rated
Ethos is using 257,388 unique data points since 2017 to rate companies, stocks and funds on decent work opportunities, including from these metrics:
Financial performance
r =
Company ratings 1-yr return
Top 10 for decent work opportunities
Top 50 for decent work opportunities
S&P 500 Index
Bottom 50 for decent work opportunities
Bottom 10 for decent work opportunities
Decent work opportunities has a slight positive correlation (
) with financial returns, meaning companies that perform better in this impact area tend to perform slightly better financially
Data partners and sources
What this formula is about
decent work
safe work environment
sexual harassment
safe workplace
worker's rights
labor rights
UN Sustainable Development Goal 8