The problem
Lack of accountability and corruption undermines trust in institutions and hinders development in countries around the world. Corporations play a critical role in supporting a more accountable, transparent global economy in several ways: as participants in accountability standards (such as tax filings and other disclosures), the creator of internal accountability and transparency (such as ethics policies, codes of conduct and the overall culture the company creates), and watchdog for corruption and lack of transparency in their market (including among suppliers, other business partners, and competitors)
How companies are rated
Ethos is using 346,410 unique data points since 2017 to rate companies, stocks and funds on accountable institutions, including from these metrics:
Financial performance
r =
Company ratings 1-yr return
Top 10 for accountable institutions
Top 50 for accountable institutions
S&P 500 Index
Bottom 50 for accountable institutions
Bottom 10 for accountable institutions
Accountable institutions has a slight positive correlation (
) with financial returns, meaning companies that perform better in this impact area tend to perform slightly better financially
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Accountable institutions
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