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This feature is currently in Beta testing. Please reach out to us at if you would like to participate in the Beta testing.

Ethos lets you link all of your accounts to see the 'total picture' of your money in one place. We currently let users connect with 12,000+ institutions.

Ethos follows industry best practices for keeping your data safe, including encrypting all of your sensitive data. We never see or access your account credentials and we require users to use two-factor authentication. Learn more about how you're protected.

Follow these steps to link a bank, investment, credit, loan, or other account to your Ethos account:

  1. After logging in to your Ethos account, select the "Link" money icon near the top right
  2. Select the "Link an institution" button
  3. When the window pops up, search for your institution in the search field or choose from the list provided
  4. Enter your online username and password for the institution you selected

We'll start linking your account immediately and let you know if there are any errors. Establishing a secure connection and gathering your data securely can take a few minutes, so feel free to leave the page, check out other parts of Ethos, and come back to check the linking status.

If you have trouble linking your accounts, please contact us for support.

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