Ethos' mission is to enable every investor to become an impact investor.

We're a technology platform that helps you manage your money and the impact of your money on the issues you care about, as well as interact with the companies and securities you're involved with.

We believe you should be able to invest your money and time according to what you care about, whether that's sustainability, poverty, gender equality, gun control, or a combination of many issues. To do this we help you link all of your accounts (credit, savings, investment, retirement, loan, etc.) and see all of your money in one place, pick the impact issues you care about, and invest for both financial well-being and impact on those issues.

Everyone on Ethos gets institutional investor-grade impact ratings backed by millions of data points from companies, governments and independent third parties. We believe everyone should be able to join the impact investing revolution.

We also believe corporations should do more to report on and improve their impact and sustainability efforts, and we aim to be a catalyst and partner to help them do that. 

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