Verifying it's you

When you log in or update sensitive information, we often ask you for additional verification via a text message, phone call or email.

Logging in
If you have enabled two-factor authentication, when you log-in we'll ask you to verify your identity via a text message, phone call, or the Authy app. We do this because two-factor authentication significantly increases the security of your account -- it's much harder for hackers to gain access to two pieces of information (your password and your phone) than to hack just your password

Changing Sensitive Information

When you change sensitive information, such as your email or phone number, we may ask you to verify your changes through two-factor authentication (again to increase the security of your account)


What if I'm not getting text messages or calls for two-factor authentication?

  • Make sure your phone number is entered correctly and that you are using a mobile phone number (and not a home phone number). If you're still having trouble with two-factor authentication, please contact us

What if I don't have access to the phone number that's associated with my account?

  • Contact us for help changing your phone number to one you have access to

What if I received a two-factor verification code, but didn't request one?

  • If you received a two-factor verification code but are not trying to log in or change your information, please review your account activity and contact us if you see anything unusual. We'll make sure your account is secure. We also recommend changing your password as soon as possible, and ensuring that you don't use the same password for any other service or website

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